Making a Difference for the Kingdom

I think all of us want our lives to have meaning, to have purpose. I think everyone wants to live a life that impacts the world and eternity in a seismic way. Well I know two young men who are dedicating their lives to doing the kind of work for the Lord that I know will have lasting impact on the world and for the Kingdom. If you have followed our story much at all you will have no doubt heard the names Victor and Rodgers. Both of them are from Kenya and are currently living, working, and serving God in the slum area in Nairobi known as Mathare. I’ve been to Mathare myself and I know firsthand the kind of need there is in that community but having worked beside these young men I also know first hand the kind of impact they are having for the Lord there. Soon I will write about how these men came into our lives and how one of them came to live with us in Kenya and why they mean so much to us. I’ll explain in even greater detail all the work they are doing and why we felt the overwhelming need to start a non-profit here in the United States that could support them and hopefully in time make them full time local missionaries to Mathare. But if you have any faith in me and my word then just know that what these young men are doing is some of the finest work I have ever seen done for the Lord and that these are two of the most trustworthy and upstanding people I have ever met in all the time I have spent serving God. Both of them have powerful testimonies about what they have seen God do, and both of them love Jesus and other people in a way that both excited and inspired me.

Because of all that and dozens more reasons I will go into later I am asking that if you are not already supporting a missionary or missions organization that you would consider supporting the work Victor and Rodgers are doing in the slum of Mathare in Nairobi, Kenya. I assure you every dime that comes into this ministry directly supports the work they are doing. Bronwyn and I are personally overseeing all the money for this ministry and neither we nor anyone else is taking anything from it. With the exception of some small banking and accounting fees everything goes directly towards the work they are doing. And the work they are doing is amazing and life changing.

Mathara – Nairobi, Kenya

Here is how you can support this ministry and what that support goes towards.

A Donation of $25 helps put a Bible in the hands of a family in Mathare

A donation of $50 will help provide meal baskets for families in Mathare

A donation of $100 will support living expenses for Victor and Rodgers and help them provide for the needs of others in this impoverished community.

Also, financial support of any amount can be set up monthly and will be used to continue to support these young men and their ministry year around.

If you click the link below and select “Mathare Ministry – Kenya Missions” (where it says General Fund) you can directly support their ministry in the slums of Nairobi. This is a registered 501c3 in the United States and Bronwyn and I are sending all dollars raised directly to support the work they are doing. Please let us know if you have questions.

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