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What it’s like to Trust God for Everything

This week Bronwyn and I made two videos, one for our church because we are new members and one to explain our case for support. The first was easy and took about ten minutes. We decided to join Fellowship Memphis because the very first service we went to seemed like the church we had been looking for forever. The church looked like Memphis, the teaching was on point and we knew that day we would be a part of Fellowship Memphis. This was back in February before we had ever heard of BlueSky and had considered moving to Africa. That video was easy, short, and fun to shoot. The second video was draining and I’m not sure why. As sure as I was about Fellowship I am just as sure about Africa. I know that God has called us to work there, I have no doubt. Shooting that video should have been exciting, sharing the story of how we got to where we are and why we need people to come along side us and be part of our support team. But it wore me out.

After a few days to think about it I think I know why. I had to talk a lot about how we were completely relying on God. That sounds easy enough until you are actually doing it. BlueSky is a missions organization and although we run camps and other programs successfully they do little more than break even. I’ve looked through a lot of the financial stuff and had people smarter than me look at them too. Everything looks great but there isn’t money to support full time staff. So here we are, called to a ministry that can’t support us and being fully reliant on God to provide for us. We have no idea where we will be living when we get there, we don’t know for sure everything we will even be doing but I know one thing for sure, we are going where God has called us. And here is the thing, we don’t have anywhere near the support we need at this point. But I know we are going. It’s exhausting to have to trust God completely with everything but after we shot our support video last week I told Bronwyn that our faith would be incredible when it was done. Later that night she prayed that she couldn’t wait to see how God did it.

So if you are reading this we want you to be a part of our support team. BlueSky is a Christian organization but not affiliated with any denomination. We are a registered 501c3 so your donations will be tax deductible and the money you give to us goes to us. You are literally helping us live in Nairobi, Kenya, minister in Nairobi, Kenya and share our lives with the people of Nairobi, Kenya. It’s humbling to have to ask for support, it challenges you and stretches you. But I can’t wait to see how God does it.

We prayed from the start that God would do something that only He could do, that believers and nonbelievers alike would see it and rejoice. That our lives would point to God. And you can be a part of that by becoming a part of our support team. The link after all of our posts takes you straight to our donation site. What we really need is monthly supporters who are giving and praying as we move to Kenya. Please prayerfully consider it. Also please share this post so others may be encouraged by what God is doing in our lives.

Click here to support Brett and Bronwyn!

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