Stepping Out in Faith

img028Bronwyn and I were married August 7th 1999. At the time we were both still in school I was working at Highland Heights Baptist Church as a Youth Director and nights at Target. I made very little money and Bronwyn was focusing on finishing her last semester of school so she wasn’t working at all other than coaching a few cheerleading squads. However we made it just fine. In fact I don’t remember ever being worried about money, God provided. Looking back we should have been worried all the time but we never were. I honestly don’t think we have ever had a fight about money and she is proofreading this so if it’s still there it must be true.

As the years went on we both worked but always at Christian nonprofits but still money was never a concern. Neither of us were ever extravagant spenders and never minded taking a couch from someone or a TV or even cars. We have to this day only ever bought one car from a lot and Bronwyn was determined to get the price she wanted to pay for it, and of course she did. We do enjoy travel but again Bronwyn is a deal hunting machine, you can get a pretty nice place to stay in Cancun when everyone is afraid of swine flu. I’ve never thought of us as cheap, we just are easily satisfied. When we left jobs to go work at a camp one summer we had no idea what we were doing after that but God provided. When we took 6 month sabbaticals from full time jobs to hike the Appalachian Trail working with North American Mission Board, God provided.  When I was laid off I actually knew it was positive because I had been working outside God’s will for some time and I knew He had something better for me but I was afraid to move on. God has taken care of us when we have been in the center of His will and when we have be in rebellion, He has loved us through it all.

Now we stand on the biggest faith walk of all. We are a mere 54 days from leaving for Kenya and we have prayed from the very beginning that God would do something only He could do, that others would see and rejoice. We are not where we expected to be with support at this point but this is after all a faith walk and if it were easy it wouldn’t require faith. We trust in the Lord, He is Jehovah Jireh and we stand anxiously waiting to see what he does. In the meantime, we will continue to tell our story and share as we  look forward to the testimony we will have similar to what Paul wrote in Philippians 4 and we aren’t even under house arrest. We place our lives in His loving care and stand firm on the hope that is the Truth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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