Like Dogs

Dog 4I just watched a video about a dog who was stuck in vines in a freezing river and a guy in a kayak was trying to help him and finally just got in the water with him and pulled him out. If that’s not a reminder of was Jesus did for us I don’t know what is. We serve a God who knew we needed rescue and became like us so he could not only show us how to live but died for us, rescuing us from our sin.

Bronwyn and I have always had dogs, in fact I think we have both had dogs all of our lives. Dogs are the best, however they are totally incapable of taking care of themselves. Without us they would definitely  die because they are totally dependent on us and none of them have ever seemed too concerned about that, probably because we have always taken care of them. At different times our dogs have done dumb stuff that we had to rescue them from, for example:

  • We came home and Scout had somehow got tangled in a rope that was hanging from our tree to the point she was just hanging.
  • Trooper ran off into the woods while we were backpacking and I had to go find him because he got stung by a yellow jacket.
  • Mayflower became hopelessly entangled in vines while we were hiking to the point I had to pull my knife and cut him out.
  • Ozzy ate an entire bag of chocolate smores marshmallows and I will spare you the rest of that story.
  • Scout ate streamers and it upset her stomach so she started eating the Christmas tree, when she finally vomited it looked like the prettiest bird nest ever.
  • Scout got swept up in rapids and instead of swimming just stared at me while she floated away knowing I would rescue her.
  • dogTracker would regularly jump into the neighbors yard, immediately regret the decision and bark until I came and got him.

Dogs are the best and they constantly  remind me of my relationship with God. I do dumb things and need rescuing but I wish I could relax in the arms of my Heavily Father the way our dogs have always been able to relax in ours.

Thursday I was sitting at the table and doing my quiet time as I often do and Ozzy was sitting at my side just staring at me. I was praying about Africa and and our support and vision for the ministry and Ozzy is just looking at me. Finally I said to him if you would just tell me what you want, I’ll do it! And it hit me, I bet God does that with me. I  Pray about things but don’t always come right out with it. Here is what I want, I don’t know for sure what your will for my life is but here is what I want and guess what? God will always answer that prayer. It might be yes, it might be no, it might even be wait a while but I guarantee you just like I would always do what is best for my dogs even if they don’t like, it will always be whats best for you.

John 10  and Psalms 79 refers to us as sheep and God as the Good Shepherd. I’ve never owned any sheep and rarely even been around them but I know dogs. I’m alright with thinking of myself as a dog, even the kind of dog who would eat a bag of marshmallows and get very very sick or escape a yard I am perfectly fine in and then make noise until I’m rescued. He is the Good Master and I am glad He is.

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