5 Days

5-days-to-goTo be honest I’m still processing this a little. In 5 days we leave the only country we have  ever lived in to move to Africa a place I have only visited once. We are selling our house, cars, giving away most of our possessions and only taking about 6 pieces of luggage. We have no idea how long we are going for and no idea if we will ever live in Memphis again, the city that has always been my home and been Bronwyn’s since we got married in 1999.At times I get a little nervous when I think about it through a worldly lens, when I think about all the terrible things that could happen or all the what if’s that come to mind. However, I know that I have been called by the Creator of the Universe to do this. I know that my wife has been called by the King of Kings to do this and suddenly all those fears and doubts vanish. When I look at it through a lens that God almighty on His throne has given me, it feels amazing, it feels right, it feels like the greatest assignment we have ever had. Also feelings are kind of irrelevant anyway, it’s all about facts and the fact is I am a child of God, Bronwyn is a child of God and His plan for us is perfect, we aren’t perfect, but the Christ in us sure is. So in five days off we go on an adventure, a faith journey, a new life in Africa.

Yesterday was our last Sunday at Fellowship Memphis, a church we had only first visited about a year ago. If you had told me back then that a year from now you will be on that stage and Mo and Jason are going to be leading the congregation praying over you as you prepare to leave for Africa I would have thought you were crazy. God often does the crazy stuff, the unexpected, the fantastic if you let Him. So in five days we are getting on an airplane and flying to Nairobi to start a new chapter in our lives and the human side of me thinks I’m crazy to leave the comfort and security that we have here, but that side is sinful, prideful and prone to always do the wrong things. I choose to put my trust on Him who has called me.

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