Called by Name (Camp Theme)

It should come as no surprise that the camp theme for BlueSky this summer is Called by Name. Bronwyn and I have known from the start of all this that God had not only chosen us to become the Camp Directors for BlueSky in Kenya, but that God has been preparing us for this for years and years. I remember when I first felt called to ministry back before I even knew Bronwyn that God had made it so abundantly clear that getting on my knees in my parent’s house and surrendering to ministry was the easiest most obvious thing I ever did. Bronwyn felt her call to ministry before she met me as well and following His perfect path together has been when we were at our best. So, this summer we plan to share our stories, and we plan to have our staff share their stories as well.

We also have this really cool time at camp called Empower so I spent part of Monday and all day Wednesday writing the curriculum we will be using. I chose 7 Hero’s from the Bible who God called to do something amazing. Nothing we do will ever be as important as what they did but it is awesome to know we serve the same God as them. After much prayer and thought and even a little debate these are the seven I chose:

  • Moses
  • Samuel
  • Elijah
  • Mary Jesus’ Mother
  • Peter
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Paul

It honesty wasn’t easy to decide but when I started writing, it came out pretty easy. All these men and women were not only called by God to do amazing things but were called by name. I honesty go back and forth on which ones are my favorite, but my prayer is that they will all be impactful and ultimately point campers towards Christ.

As I was writing the first one, Moses, I was so struck at how God had prepared him for something he could have never expected. The first 40 years of Moses’ life he received the best education, he was would have learned diplomacy and how to lead. After he ran away for committing murder God spent another 40 years teaching him how to survive in the wilderness and without this skill set he never would have been able to lead a million people in the desert where he spent his last 40 years. Sure, God was with him, but he still prepared him. Bronwyn and I have a skill set that ranges from camp programming to working with teens to outdoor adventure. But we also spent time working on staff development and care, working on budgets, recruiting, marketing, and all these things are skills we need to be successful here in Kenya. And sure, God is with us but that doesn’t mean He hasn’t been preparing us for this position for most of our adult lives.

So, where are you? Are you frustrated with your present situation? God probably needs you to learn something from what you are doing so you can take the next steps. Be aware of His call and when you hear it don’t be afraid to step out in faith. In fact, you should be more afraid of not stepping out in faith. I know I’ve said it in my blog before and there is a very good chance I will say it many more times, God Loves you and God has a plan for your life.

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One thought on “Called by Name (Camp Theme)

  1. I honestly admire you and Bronwyns passion for your work and for God. Am watching, am listening 👂 and am definitely learning. Kenya is privileged to have you and in specific BlueSky and the Campers.


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