To the Glory of God

As some of you know I had a frustrating day yesterday and I can’t pin down exactly what it was but it’s possible it was because Monday we got Typhoid and Yellow Fever shots and one of the side effects in irritability. Not that I necessarily need that excuse to occasionally be irritable, but it isn’t my usual. This morning I was determined to have a great day, I woke up at 5 am and went into the living room for some crescent rolls, milk, and my time alone with God. My crescent roles had a few ants in them, but they really don’t like the microwave, so I think that took care of them. Extra protein.

During my quiet time I started a new series having just finished Hebrews. I usually give myself a few days to read some random parts of the Bible before I jump into a new book, so I started a study by John Piper called “God’s Glory and Your Purpose” on my Bible App. Well, guess what the first reading was, go on just guess. If you said Isaiah 43 you have definitely been following our story. It also reminded me that everything we do we should be doing it for the glory of God so that’s how I spent my day.

Quiet Time
Morning Devo

These are the things I spent doing for the glory of God today:

  • Working through our camp budget. This was honestly the bulk of my day. That includes tracking down things that were spent last year and what we are paying on things like software and rent. It is not fun, but I did it for the Glory of God today.
  • Helping Bronwyn set up, repair, and clean tents. This was a little aggravating mostly because we have a system for how we like gear to be packed up and whoever packed it up clearly had no system whatsoever. Bronwyn with some help from our awesome day guard, Nicolas, did the bulk of this while I sat at a desk but we did it to the Glory of God.
  • When we needed a break, we drove to the post office to check the mail. They don’t do mail delivery to homes here, you must have a P.O. Box. We received some mail today which was exciting however it looked like one of the pieces had been opened. (I’ll drop a reminder here, don’t send us cash to Kenya, we have a US address you can send it to but don’t send it here.) It was great getting mail and troubling that some of it was opened but we still did it to the Glory of God.
  • The mall we went to a had delicious stir fry noodle place, so we ate noodles to the Glory of God.
  • After we got home Bronwyn kept working on tents and I helped some parents register their kids for camp. That was also done to the Glory of God.
  • We have another big storm coming tonight so I have a strong feeling that shortly we will be sitting in the dark, but we will do it to the Glory of God.
Tents Set Up
Matching up tents and poles

In life we will have trouble, in life we will have pain, but we will also have joy and continent. You may sometimes sit in the dark and eat ants, but you will always be comforted by the creator of ants and light. God loves me and He loves you and I hope you already knew that, but if you didn’t know you do now. Go do something, anything to the Glory of God.

I Corinthians 10:31b “Whatever you do, do it for the Glory of God”

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Budget Desk
What my desk looks like when I’m working on Budgets

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