Waiting to Start

Starting Block.jpgThe director team has been doing lots of interviews while we are putting together our camp staff team. As you can imagine we ask lots of questions, below I’ll list just a few:

6) What excites you the most about the opportunity to be a camp counselor in Kenya?

10) Have you ever worked with a difficult child? How did you handle it?

11) What would other people say about your punctuality? What is your definition of “on time”?

14) How do you think others would see your character defined by your Social Media posts?

20) What age group do you gravitate to or gravitates to you?

We always get lots of thoughtful answers and have actually interviewed some pretty amazing people. For the purposes of this post though I really want to focus on question 6 up there. What excites you the most about the opportunity to be a camp counselor in Kenya? Although we do get some amazing answers one of the things, we hear a lot is some variation on “it draws me closer to God”. This is absolutely true, I know that at the end of the camp season I will be closer to God than I was at the start. Some of that comes from the constant need to draw closer to Him for strength, wisdom, encouragement, and supernatural energy coupled with the fact that you are either leading or involved in worship and bible study multiple times every single day plus surrounded by other amazing believers who are praying for you and with you for three months.

However we also get some that when they say “it draws them closer to God”, what they mean is my relationship with God has been terrible because I haven’t prayed or spent any time with Him or surrounded myself with other believers or done any of the things that I know I should do and I need camp to kickstart my relationship back with him.  The reality is this isn’t what we are looking for, we are not looking for camp staff who use camp as a tool to focus on God what we are looking for are sold out believers in Jesus Christ who’s faith is strong and are now ready to pour themselves out for their campers and are able to pour themselves out because they have been filled by the power of the Holy Spirit. We are strongly encouraging our staff to begin now preparing themselves for what could be the most difficult but also rewarding summer of their entire lives and to prepare themselves physically, mentally and most importantly spiritually. Ephesians 6:15 says, “having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace”. We must stand strong and be ready!

So how about you? Are you waiting for some specific time to draw closer to God, to jump-start your relationship with Him? Are you waiting for this summers VBS or your churches annual “revival” event? Are you waiting until this really busy season of your life is over and then you will finally have time for God? I urge you do not wait; the perfect time may never come. My prayer for you is that you will start today, right now even. Why are you waiting to start?

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