Sunset at “The Rocks”

Sunset at the rocksJust before the start of camp season last summer the entire team climbed up an area we just call “The Rocks” to pray and seek God for the camp season. It’s a little bit of a hike from camp but when you get to the top it’s totally worth it. From the peak you can see all the valley below and see all of camp at once. It’s a pretty amazing site even on bad days, this was not a bad day. After we prayed together as a group, we split off individually for some time with the Lord. Most everyone stayed close to the top, one person did go down the side of the mountain and I think got momentarily lost. If you knew him this would not surprise you at all. While we were all praying for camp and while literally looking down from “The Rocks” at the place camp would be held, the most amazing thing happened. The sun and clouds aligned just right, and sun beams flooded camp. It was stunning and beautiful and was one of those things that was so perfect nobody even needed to say anything.

I truly believe with all my heart that God showed up that evening to encourage us and remind us of Him. No, it wasn’t a supernatural event it was just a sunset, a spectacular one, but just a sunset. But just because it wasn’t supernatural doesn’t mean it wasn’t God showing up. It wasn’t something that is easy to describe but we all knew what was happening. It was stunning and powerful and made a statement about the importance of prayer and even God saying I’m with you, I’m for you. I was filled with joy that I got to be a part of it. Before camp season starts this year, I am sure we will do the same thing, climb “The Rocks” and pray for camp. I don’t know if the same thing will happen or not, but I do know that won’t change the fact that God is with us and we still need to be praying for camp and our campers.

Zechariah 4:10 says “whoever has despised the day of small things”. Zechariah is sharing one of his many visions here and in this section, he is talking about the Golden Lampstands which are symbolic of God’s watchful eye. This always makes me think of this verse for two reasons. First, it was a small thing, but God can work through small things to powerful effect. The second is that in the moment it felt as if God’s eye was on us. I mean I know that it always is but this was different and powerful and honestly in that moment it was perfect.

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