Nadia Foster

img_3395Bronwyn and I have been very blessed to work with some amazing young people now on two continents. Some we have worked with only for a season and others we have been fortunate enough to do life with for a long time. There are more than a few who have become more like family than anything and one of them we are trying to help get to Kenya this summer to serve with us at camp. Before we moved to the other side of the world, Bronwyn and I ran a large teen program at the YMCA and honestly some of the people we are closest with in the world were part of that program.  There really wasn’t anyone we were any closer with than Nadia Foster. We began working with her before she was even a teenager and were fortunate enough to watch her grow into an a amazing young women and college student.

Now she feels called to come and serve the summer with us at Camp BlueSky. Nadia would be an unbelievable asset to our team, she has a tremendous amount of experience working camp and most of that experience comes from working with us. It’s honestly not just a matter of wanting her here, we could truly use her gifting, her heart and her abilities.  All of that being said I am asking that you would consider clicking the link and choosing her name, Nadia Foster, and helping support her to spend her summer with us in Kenya. Support Nadia Foster

Currently Nadia is a student at the University of Memphis, but I asked her to share a little of her heart, this is just an excerpt of what she sent:

It is in light of the position God has placed me in that I am able to attend the University of Memphis as a double major in psychology and social work with the aspirations of doing all that I love for His glory. It will be only through the grace of God and His calling for people from different areas of my journey thus far, to support me financially and prayerfully so that I may fulfill God’s current call on my life to go and serve. It is only God’s doing that I, Nadia Foster have the opportunity to put forth practice for not only my future career as a child counseling psychologist but more importantly my relationship with Christ. The opportunity to put forth all of that in being a camp counselor in Kenya this summer is truly a blessing. I would love for you to join my support team prayerfully and/or financially, to act as a catalyst in spreading the love of Jesus.”

Because this all came up so quickly, we honestly don’t have much time for her to get the support she needs so I am asking that if you are able to please act now to help get Nadia to Kenya. We are about $3000 from our needed goal and would really appreciate any amount. Thanks, and please be praying for her and us as we get ready for a crazy three straight months of nonstop ministry.  Support Nadia Foster


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  1. I have also had the pleasure of watching Nadia grow up alongside my own daughter as part of the amazing YMCA family and am so proud of her. She will be a great asset to the team there in Kenya.

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