93 Days

Bronwyn and I and the camp team are about to enter a 93-day period of nonstop ministry. This is not an exaggeration at all, the next 93 days we will be working pretty much day and night. Of course, this isn’t a surprise, although we do year around ministry this is the most important months of our time in Kenya. If we even began to try to rely on our own strength, we would fail. During this time, we have to rely on verses like Isaiah 40:29 and Ephesians 6:10 reminding ourselves that God has an endless supply of strength and that our cup can literally overflow with the abundance of His power.

Last year during camp season I only had one really rough day, I mean I had other rough times and was often in difficult situations and even discouraged but truly only had one really bad day. I honestly can’t even remember all the circumstances or even exactly what week it was but I remember being emotionally and even physically drained. That afternoon I went up to the area we call “The Impala Grounds” to pray and be close to God. What God did for me that day was astounding! OK, maybe it won’t sound that astounding to you but to me it meant everything and gave me the strength to get through the rest of the season.

I sat down and opened my Bible and was writing in my journal and after a while I walked over to one of the tin cans we keep out there. We mix kerosene and wood chips in the cans to make a light source at night. Inside the can was a ladybug, one of only three I’ve seen in all my traveling in Kenya and Tanzania. For those of you who have never heard me say it, seeing a lady bug always reminds me that God loves me. Lady Bug Saga  I didn’t cry, but I almost did. However, God wasn’t done yet.

I decided I needed to hear some of God’s word and went to one of my favorite places to hear it. I put on Jason Cook our pastor at Fellowship Memphis. I promise I chose a sermon at random, David and Goliath. It was how I was feeling, and I needed to hear it! You must click the link and listen to the first 10 seconds. Fellowship Memphis (David and Goliath) I didn’t remember that this was the sermon that was preached the day Fellowship prayed over us before we were supposed to move to Kenya just a few days before the fire that delayed us by a month. So, with this I cried, I wept tears of pain and joy and even now typing this I am getting emotional being reminded of what God will do to comfort His children.

So, for the next 93 days please remember Bronwyn and I and the rest of our camp team in prayer. We will have some hard days, but we have a Creator, Master, Savior, and King who loves us and will strengthen us when we remember to rely on Him. Don’t ever believe that God won’t give you more than you can handle, of course He will so you can be reminded that it is HIS power, not ours, that is our greatest strength.

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