With Great Power

The think the first time I was ever introduced to Spider-Man was in the early 80’s by the 1960’s cartoon. If you want a little stroll down memory lane here is a link to a full episode.

Spider-Man was always the best because he kind of just seemed a lot like me, at least until I grew my hair long and identified more with Thor. But Spider-Man was just the high energy kid who liked to swing around and catch thieves just like flies and for the son of a police officer that seemed like the kind of super hero I would have wanted to be. I never even thought about him appearing in some larger universe, he was just a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Because I’m a pretty huge nerd, I would like to geek out about one of my favorite scenes from Infinity War. The scene is where Spider-Man is swinging from Thor’s hammer (Mjolnir) that was thrown by Captain America to protect an infinity gauntlet made by Iron Man. That last sentence has nothing to do with this post really, I just thought you would like to know I really am a super hero guy who had always loved Marvel and especially The Avengers. If you would like to see that scene, here it is.

Anyway, back to the actual reason I’m writing this post. Spider-Man always has a mantra that “With great power comes great responsibility”. Honestly, it’s extremely hard to argue this. In fact, for Christians it should be a bit familiar because it sounds a lot like Luke 12:48.

We as Christians have been given so much, the gift of eternal life, knowledge of our Father in Heaven, the Holy Spirit our Helper who guides us, the fruits of the Spirit and other specialized spiritual gifts. God has given and given and given and given, but to whom much is given much is required. If we were Spider-Man and we used our web slinging just to grab stuff from the fridge, or we used our ability to crawl on walls just to show off that would be a pretty pathetic super hero. But as believes we have been gifted with even more, the knowledge of the truth about the universe and the meaning of life. Aren’t we even worse if we just keep that gift to ourselves?

So, what’s the deal with you? What are you doing with your amazing gifts given to you by God himself?

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