Wanna Go To Kenya?

     “Wanna go to Kenya?”   That was the text I sent Brett on March 29th along with a screen shot of a random job posting for a camp director position.  “I’ll move to Kenya” was his reply.  Unknowingly at the time, we had just opened ourselves up to the next thing God had planned for us. We realized quickly that we were supposed to start praying about Camp BlueSky in Nairobi, Kenya. Ok, so maybe God just wants to know if we are willing to go to Africa.  He doesn’t really want us to go to Africa because that just doesn’t make sense.  Our ministry has always been in Memphis and international missions have never been on our radar.  Why now?  We have great jobs with the YMCA with the ability to share Christ here with youth and teens through our programming.  Now, God has called us a couple times to step out in faith and each time we were able to see God do amazing things.  However, neither of those meant moving to Africa and raising our support to do so!   Our prayers became that we were willing but that God would have to make it clear, give us peace with it, and show us how we could possibly raise the amount of funds needed.  We also have a house to sell and a spoiled dog to find a new home for.

Now, we are not ones to say “God give us a sign”.  However, there were many!  Nearly everyone we asked early on to pray with us about this had some type of connection not just to Africa or Kenya but to Nairobi.  They had either been there, their church sponsors a pastor there, planning a mission trip there, worked for a school there, know someone that had been a camp counselor there, etc.  It became almost comical to sit back and wait for anyone we told to in turn tell us some story about a place we only knew from a map.  The connections continued as we told more and more people.  My roommate from college has a friend whose son was a camper at Camp BlueSky this past summer, really??? The final confirmation for us came one Sunday morning at Fellowship Memphis.  Brett had chosen Isaiah 43 for us to pray through every day and this particular Sunday, April 30th, one of the teaching pastors, Jason Cook, preaches on global missions and uses Isaiah 43.  Brett shuts his Bible and just looks at me.  We laugh and say we guess we are moving to Kenya.  May 17th we received the official job offers from BlueSky Global Ministries.  We continued to pray about it another 2 weeks (because they asked us to) and accepted the positions only 2 months after God putting that job posting in my path.  So, here we are starting our support raising process as well as transitioning other things in our lives while preparing to move in January.

So, what will we be doing?    During June and July, we will run a resident camp.   This is something we have always said we would love to do and we have always felt called us to ministry together.  The campers are ages 7-17 and a mix of missionary kids, diplomate kids, local Kenyans, and more since Kenya is very multinational itself.  The rest of the year, when not preparing for camp and recruiting summer camp staff, BlueSky has a large climbing wall facility, Teambuilding program, and works with churches and international schools.  We run programming and events for youth and teens similar to typical youth group type stuff as well as small discipleship groups.  The bottom line is we get to share Christ with youth and teens, many with diverse spiritual backgrounds.

There is so much more to this story including our visit to Kenya in July that we will be sharing later.  The reality is we cannot do this ministry without the prayers and financial support of others.  If you have a heart for missions, a heart for Africa, always wanted to go on a mission trip but couldn’t, have a passion for resident camp and the impact it can have, or maybe you simply believe in us and the work God has called us to do, then please keep us in your prayers and we ask that you also prayerfully consider joining our support team.


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