Celebration and Prayer Requests

This is going to be short! We leave tomorrow and we still several things to get done.

Here is what is Going!

It has been just about a year since Bronwyn first sent the “Wanna go to Kenya” text. If you have never read that story I will link it here. Wanna go to Kenya In that time, we have been on a fantastic ride with God. One I can barely describe but I do encourage you to do the same.

Now here we are on the precipice of something I am still only able to imagine. Something that we have never be so sure about as being the perfect will of God for our lives. Something that God has been preparing us for since before we even met, since before He even called us to ministry and we are exited!

We are celebrating today what God is doing and asking for you to please pray about these things:

  • Travel safety to Nairobi, we leave tomorrow from Memphis around 2pm and then fly from Dallas to London to Nairobi.
  • I want us to quickly be able to access and prioritize what needs our immediate attention and be able to get busy as soon as possible. We are a month later leaving that we planned to be and camp starts in just a few months.
  • Quick assimilation into life in Kenya, finding community, support, and body of believers.
  • That we would find favor with people in Kenya.
  • Finding our feet in ministry in God’s perfect timing.
  • Learning to drive in Nairobi as quickly as possible, they do drive on the left side and traffic is a bit crazy.
  • Continued growth in out monthly support team, those who are supporting us both financially and through prayer.
  • Pray for our camp staff team and they are able to raise their support and that we have everyone we need to have a successful and fruitful camp.
  • Lastly please  for Bronwyn and I that we would stay committed to the Lord, each other and the call placed on our lives.

As we prepare to leave please join us as we pray through Proverbs 3:3-8 and Ephesians 2:10 and of course Isaiah 43.

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One thought on “Celebration and Prayer Requests

  1. May God go with you and may He use you both mightily to share His love! And, be careful…..Nairobi driving is more than crazy!!! Can’t wait to continue to read all about your adventures!


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