Answered Prayer

On February 19th I posted this on our Facebook page “Brett and Bronwyn in Kenya”.

Biggest prayer needs:
Working through insurance stuff quickly and smoothly. (Both Medical and House)
Figure out new departure date.
Continued growth with our support account.
Opportunities to continue to share our story.
I wanted to go through each one and and show how God has answered these prayers and then post a new list of prayer requests. First of all the “insurance stuff” as I so eloquently put it is pretty much done. State Farm (Mike Blakey) has been great and quick and easy to work with especially knowing our situation. We were able to pay off what we owed on the house and within a few days of the fire we already had a new buyer who accepted our first offer. We were able to replace everything we lost and we will be able to have money put away so that when we return we can purchase things we don’t need now, like a refrigerator, TV, and beds. We are able to leave the country debt free and with no financial ties. This was important to us from the beginning because we didn’t want any support we raised to be paying for anything other than our living expenses in Kenya.
Second is easy, after having to work through some things in Nairobi like who would be receiving us and airline tickets we pretty quickly found a date that worked for everyone. We leave the 17th of March and will arrive the next day. It will be about a 22 hour flight that starts off taking us west before we go east but that’s OK. We are just looking forward to arriving and getting to work.
The third item is exciting, as of this morning we are at almost 97% of our ideal goal. We honestly don’t know exactly what some things will cost but we have an idea, once we get to work we will most likely have to make some adjustments but Bronwyn and I could not be more excited about almost making our goal. And if you are reading this and have not become a monthly supporter please consider joining our team. We have supporters that do $5 a month all the way up to $100 a month and all of them make this possible.
Finally, I don’t have time to share all the places we have told our story. We have been blessed to share at schools, churches and with total strangers. This is a link to the news story, Fox 13
God has been incredibly faithful through all of this. Your prayers for us have power and God is moving in incredible ways! I just feel fortunate to be a part of His plan.

New Prayer Requests

That Bronwyn and I will have a smooth and rapid transition into life in Kenya.

That we will find community with both the national and international people and build bridges with those we already know and those we will meet.

We are still waiting on some of our medical bills to arrive so we would love for that to come quickly so that is behind us.

We currently have college students raising support so they can come be a part of BlueSky for the summer and help us have a successful camp. We are also recruiting and developing local Kenyan staff to have a role as well.  We still have a need for a few more staff for the summer.

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