God Doesn’t Need Us

Map BlueSkyPosted by: Bronwyn

I was on the phone yesterday with a camp counselor I met during our visit to Kenya and Camp BlueSky this past July.  As she was sharing about her very possible return next  summer as a calling not just a want, she said “well, God doesn’t need me to be there.  He doesn’t NEED any of us”.  How very true!  God can do and make happen whatever He wants.  He just chooses to allow us to be a part of His work.   I think as Christians we can easily get caught up in seeking ministry opportunities verses seeking God’s will (not that God won’t choose to bless your efforts).  However, be ready because if you truly open yourselves up to what God desires and how He wants to best use you then you could be preparing to go to Africa.  And as crazy or scary as that may sound to you, the peace and joy that comes from totally surrendering to His plan is something that can only be understood if you have experienced it.

I had the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Bolivia when I was 16 with a group from my church at that time, Calvary Baptist in Horn Lake, MS.  It was an amazing experience and I knew then that God was calling me to ministry of some sort. It would be years later that my first big ministry would be as an inner city youth pastor’s wife at Highland Heights Baptist Church in Memphis. Now, Brett and I have been a part of some amazing ministries over the years and thank God for the impact those ministries have left behind and the blessings God gave us with each one but move to Kenya?   Really?  It’s definitely the biggest step of faith God has asked of us so far.  So, when I think of Kenya and the ministry of BlueSky, I am not only thankful that God is choosing to use us as part of the BlueSky team but in awe that of all people he called us and is allowing us to be a part of His amazing work there.

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