Building a Life

Brett and Bronwyn BCM

Bronwyn and I met for the first time in the spring of 1997 at the Baptist Student Union on campus at the University of Memphis. She was actually the social chair at the time and was in charge of the back to school event me and a few friends were attending. Lets start with the fact that she was, and still is, absolutely beautiful. However the attraction went much deeper than that right from the start, here was this girl totally in charge of this massive event running around barefoot organizing everything and putting out fires. I literally told my friend Russ that I was going to marry her that night. She is truly  bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh created especially to be my partner in life.

This past Sunday we were privileged enough to have lunch with two couples who remind both of us of how we were. Neither couple are engaged yet however they seem to be doing everything right. We gave them some sage advice but mostly just enjoyed being with them, being reminded of how amazing it is to be young and in love instead of much older and in love like Bronwyn and I are. I can’t help but relate that to when God first called me out of my old life and into this one. That feeling of being young and in love with God, reading the bible and learning new things all the time. That passion that comes with being on fire for God is similar to those feelings of falling in love with your soul mate.

Bronwyn and I have now been married 18 amazing years; our marriage in old enough to vote and buy cigarettes and join the Navy. Through it all we have had times where we have put God first and times where we have put each other first. The thing that we have learned and the best advice we gave yesterday was to always put God first. The happiest most fulfilling times of our lives have been when we put God above everything including each other. So now we are off on another adventure to the other side of the world. We will be the first to admit that we haven’t been perfect but God has been so gracious to us, and has called us into a wonderful ministry together. I think that’s the most exciting thing for us, we get to work side by side after years of learning each others strengths and weaknesses. God created us for each other and has now called us together to Nairobi, Kenya to put those things to His best purpose for us. What is God preparing you for? What is he waiting for you to learn so he can call you into the next phase of your life? Is there anything you are putting ahead of Him, a spouse, kids, money, even church? Nothing is more important that putting God number one in your life.

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