WaitingIt’s 36 days until Bronwyn and I are planning to board a plane and fly to Kenya for we aren’t sure exactly how long. Definitely years, and we are incredibly excited about the call He has put on our life to give up jobs, our home, even our ministry here and move to Africa. To be honest it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice at all, more like a gift. However, as of today we are not at the level of support we would like to be and because of that we are praying fervently for God to show us His plan for us. Discerning God’s will is hard but if it wasn’t hard I doubt I would be seeking Him as diligently as I am. And I am seeking Him, not a finger where God is pointing but His face, His Holy presence. As of right now the best way we have of discerning His will for us is the financial support, so we are praying about what we should do. Should we wait and not leave on January 11th or should we trust God and go knowing that He will take care of us once we arrive? Where we are with that right now is to wait on the support and this is why. Yesterday I went to Cherry Road Baptist Church to pray (my grandparents were actually charter members there) and while I was praying God gave me the word “Wait”. So I grabbed my bible and started to dig in and one of the first verses I came across was in Psalms 27. I love scripture that has been put to praise and worship songs I like, I mean have you read my Isaiah 43 story? This Psalm has a lot to say about being confident in Him and ends with:

14 Wait for the Lord;
    be strong, and let your heart take courage;
    wait for the Lord!

Later I got to Isaiah 40:31 one of the most beautiful passages in the bible. The word wait here also has the meaning hope. “Those who wait on the Lord” or “Those who hope in the Lord” are both perfect words for where we are, waiting and hoping. Then I got to Habakkuk 2 and honestly there is a lot to unpack here, it could probably be a blog post unto itself but I’ll bring out three of those things.

  • “Write the Vision” (Have you read my blog post’s about Vision?) Also writing the vision is kind of what I feel like this is.
  • “So he who reads it may run”, this brings me back to Isaiah 40 plus it reminds me why we started this blog in the first place. To encourage people about who God is and how He is working in our life.
  • “If it seems slow, wait for it, It will surely come, it will not delay”. So maybe we do have to wait longer than we expected it’s a reminder that our call is still our call. It may not be in the time we planned but it was always part of God’s. I mean James 4:13 has some things to say about that.

After all of that I went to bed last night and then wake up at 3 am. I had an email from Kenya, remember it’s the next day there, and part of the message contained what they had had a devotion about that day. It read  “Our topic this morning was waiting”. I have never once heard the topic of any of their devo’s and it blew my mind so much that I got up and spent about an hour praying. God has a plan in this and as of today we have not changed anything, we know God has called us to Kenya. However, we are waiting on God’s perfect timing and if that means we stay here a little longer until we are fully funded that’s exactly what we will do.

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