Marafiki Mia Moja

BS Climb FacMarafiki Mia Moja means 100 friends in Swahili a beautiful language that is spoken in Kenya. Fortunately for us almost everyone speaks in English because Kenya was part of the British Empire from 1888-1962. It’s meaning is 100 friends and it literally took me 3 conversations with 5 people for me to get it right. Foreign language was never my best subject, I started to tell a story about taking Hebrew but I’ll save that for another time, just trust me when I say foreign language is not my best subject.

So why 100 friends? Well that is roughly what Bronwyn and I need to be fully supported in Africa, 100 people who were supporting us with $50 a month. The reality is we will most likely end up with far more “friends” than that. Although we have some amazing supporters who become 2 or even 3 friends the vast majority are making smaller monthly donations. And you know what? That’s just fine with us, who doesn’t want more friends! I think it would be amazing to have 500 people who were supporting us at $10 a month, not to get all Sally Struthers on you but that is like 33 cents a day. But more than that I’m sure of those 500 people, at least some would be praying for us any given day. That sounds amazing to me. I’ve had several people lately say they just couldn’t do $50 a month, no worries (by the way hakuna matata is also a Swahili word and it does in fact very roughly translate into no worries) just do what you can. $10-$25 a month gets us closer to our goal.

We know that God is going to provide for us, we also know that God probably isn’t going to provide for us with a suitcase full of money we mysteriously find in our attic.  We know that God is calling others to join in with us, maybe not in Kenya but by faithfully supporting us so we can do the work we know God has called us to. So, ask God if he might be nudging you to join our team. Every amount get’s us closer to our goal, and we are a registered non-profit so all donations are tax deductible and by using the link attached here the money will go directly towards supporting Bronwyn and I.

Lastly, our plan is still to leave in just over a month, so before long these post will get much better with tails of what we are doing in Africa and how God is working. We promise to keep our support team updated with what we are doing and how they can best pray for us.

Please consider joining and please share this article with others, tell people how you know us and encourage others to give as well. God is at work in our lives and we want to share what He is doing as a testimony to how Great our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is.

Click here to support Brett and Bronwyn!

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