frozen pipesI’m just going to be honest, these past few weeks have been challenging. I’m actually having a difficult time even putting it all together but basically I got sick, like 102 fever, achy all over flu sick and it was awful. However, in the middle of that we had this crazy cold snap and of course we had pipes freeze and bust so I shut the water off to the house and although we tried, it was going to be nearly a week before we could get a plumber to the house since they were all booked up with others with the same issue. Now, this is of course in the middle of us working to sell the house and like I said I am very sick. So finally we get the water working again and Bronwyn gets sick running a 101 temp and Bronwyn NEVER gets sick. She goes to the doctor and gets meds but she still isn’t getting better and finally finds out that the bacterial infection she has is resistant to the antibiotics they put her on so they switch her to another one and finally she starts getting a little better. That all leads up to us finding out the house we thought we were going to be living in in Kenya has fallen through and we are still not quite where we need to be with our support to leave. It was a very trying couple of weeks….


However, it looks like we are all well now, we have a buyer for our house in Memphis and already have a new and even better place to live in Kenya. Life is never perfect, it’s never easy. Giving your life to Christ you are never promised for everything to be easy and it to always go your way, but God has a plan in all of it. He is making us stronger and teaching us to be more reliant on Him. This entire thing has been an exercise in having to fully rely on God, we said from the start we wanted to be living testimonies to what God will do if people trust in Him completely. Looks like we will be leaving February 17th, I had originally hoped to be celebrating my birthday in Africa, which was this past Saturday,  but I also prayed for God’s perfect timing. I know that this is and am excited for what God will do next.

Be praying for us and if you are able become a part of our support team!
Click here to support Brett and Bronwyn!

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