Just Around the Corner

We are so excited to be leaving in just a few weeks and officially getting to work in Kenya. I’ve been prioritizing what we want to accomplish in the first month after we arrive. For starters, we have a camp to plan and although a lot of the basic structure is there we definitely have some work to do. My plan is to have a retreat with our other camp staff pretty quickly so we can evaluate and plan out every aspect of camp, divide up jobs and hit the ground running with a plan that everyone is on board with. I absolutely love this kind of stuff, and we are fortunate enough to have already met the team but it’s one thing to work by email when there is an eight hour time difference, it’s quite another to all be in the same room together.

Another one of our big priorities is to begin finding and training staff, although we have done a good bit of that, there is much more to do. Most of the staff we have now are from the US and like Bronwyn and I they are raising their support. However, it will also be incredibly important to recruit and train local staff from Nairobi. That gets a little more difficult because camp doesn’t make enough money to pay staff the way camps in the USA do but I have some ideas on how we can make that work. Another major priority is recruitment of campers, gotta get those beds full! We have an amazing relationship with LuKenya Getaway which is where we hold camp. We don’t actually own this property but it is beautiful and it really is perfect for camp, they have also let BlueSky build ropes course elements and we pretty much take over everything during the summer. You can have the best camp in the world though and if nobody comes you have wasted time and money.

I guess at some point we will need to do things like unpack and find out where to buy food but that’s not as fun as thinking about the fun stuff like planning, marketing, and even digging into the budgets. However, the biggest thing is starting to build the relationships. BlueSky has an amazing team and we work with schools and churches and I can’t wait to start getting into all of that. What’s crazy is we still have some amazing exciting news to share but that will have to wait a little bit longer. If your reading this, it involves you and how we want you to be praying about coming and visiting. It’s one thing for you to be a part of our life from far away but it’s quite another for you to come see us, see what we are doing and be a part of it.

Please be praying for us as we are just a few weeks from living on the other side of the world. We are still working on finishing off our support team, if you are able or feel led just click the link below. Feb 17

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