Asking and Receiving Prayer

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A year ago yesterday I asked for prayer and there was an outpouring of support. I honestly have no idea what all was going on, I know my grandmother had died and I had just received a promotion at work that put me in a role that took me out of the trenches and I really love the trenches.  I really don’t know what is was that prompted me to write those words. I actually just had a conversation with someone that I needed “Facebook Memories with context”. However I did write them and people did pray and because of that a whirlwind of events begin, events that will now take my wife and I around the world. Prayer is powerful when it is brought before God, when it is real and when you mean it. It seems like such a small thing when you pray for someone, but it can have powerful results that resonate throughout history. So never be flippant about it, never say I’ll be praying for you if you don’t mean that you will be taking it to the throne of King Jesus. Prayer in the right hands can move God to action and change the course of history, save a life, produce great fruit, or just bring peace.

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