Recover/Replace/Rely on God

Having to type with one hand so it’s annoyingly slow. My back and fingers are covered in strips of silver and no matter how much I drink I still feel thirsty. Also whenever I catch  little glimpse of my reflection in the monitor I do a double take at the shaved headed guy staring back at me.  But when I think about what just another minute in the house would have been like all I want to do is drop to my knees and thank God he protected us. I slept 13 or 14 hours last night and anyone that knows me knows that’s usually what I get in about 3 days. I’m feeling great though, joyful and content in the knowledge that I am still in the center of God’s perfect will. So here is the plan for the coming week.

Recover from my injuries. I’m fine, I honestly can’t stress enough that I am fine. I look even worse than I feel. I’ve gotten Deadpool and Anakin Skywalker jokes a few times, but personally I like Sandor Clegane. Last night my niece kept her distance from me but we will get spend a good bit of time with her and my nephew before we leave so I am sure she will get used to the new look Uncle Brett in no time. If you would pray that I would have quick healing and deep rest it would be incredibly appreciated.

Replace the items destroyed in the fire. Like I said before almost everything was out of the house because we were about to close. The only things really left were our packed bags we were taking to the mission field in Nairobi. Things like pictures, my guitars, my journals, my Dad’s police badge were already out and at Bronwyn’s parents house. The only sentimental item left was Bronwyn’s bible, we had had our prayer time together on the couch in the den where the fire was concentrated. I had given Bronwyn that bible when I proposed, I had it engraved with “Bronwyn Stamps” and when she read it I pulled the ring out and asked her to marry me. My bible was in the house too, but I don’t write in it so that is easy to replace. Honestly I don’t think there was anything else that can’t be ordered from Amazon, just clothes, books, camping gear, and Nerf Guns. I did get really excited when I realized I had 3 pair of underwear and not just one. I also have a pair of Star Wars pajama bottoms and my Hawkeye Costume. The question is which one to I want to wear to church Sunday.

We also just want to rely on God to show us His perfect will step by step through this. We need to quickly decide on a new date to head to Kenya, decide on purchasing priories, ultimately allow God to be God.  Bronwyn and I have prayed from the beginning that we wanted to be used in a way that people would have to see that nothing that has happened has been about us but all about who we serve. God has used this story to allow us to share our story with people who otherwise never would have heard it.

Bronwyn and I are heading to the mission field in Nairobi Kenya to tell the good news of Jesus Christ to youth and teens through the missions organization BlueSky Global. A house fire, illness, even losing my hair isn’t changing that. I know many of you want to help us get ready to go and that is wonderful and greatly appreciated. If you want to give directly to us we are happy to take it however it is just as helpful to give to our support account listed below. Keep praying for us as we prepare to hit the mission field. We are more excited than ever. God is preparing great things for us and your support allows you to be a part of it.

Click here to support Brett and Bronwyn!

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