Why we didn’t do a “Go Fund Me”

What’s left of my makeshift office complete with the flag of Kenya

I’ve gotten this question quite a few times. We were on the news, our blog was read over 3000 times, and we have had a tremendous amount of reach over the past week and honestly the answer is pretty simple. We did start to set one up, we had hoped to raise money to not only replace everything we lost but cover some medical deductibles (we had just switched to an international insurance which is great overseas but has a really high deductible in the United States). However I had no peace about it.  I even talked it over with Steve May my mentor, friend, bonus father and when I told him that I had no peace he said (or possibly texted, some of this is a blur) that “there is your answer”. Your not having peace means God isn’t in it. So, I think God is saying “Trust Me”.

The reality is we aren’t even at 100%  of our support goal, we are still hovering around 88%. I’m also already paying rent on a house in Kenya, so I’m not homeless my home is just eight thousand miles away. I’m eating up some of our money in ways we really didn’t expect and I’ve been extremely careful not to spend any money that had been given to us to support us in Kenya on anything that isn’t directly helping do that. Even in all of that God is saying “Trust Me”.

This was my tubs going to Africa, you can see my BlueSky Windbreaker and part of my basketball

So I am trusting the Lord, Bronwyn and I have decided it is better to trust God and lean on Him then to use Go Fund Me. So there is the answer. We still don’t have a timeline, waiting on insurance to do their part and then we will go from there. Also I go back to the doctor today but I was unbelievably encouaged by the fact that even though my fingers burned pretty badly on my left hand I can still play guitar. I thought it would be months before I could do that. I may even post myself playing Isaiah 43, actually I doubt I do that…

Currently our biggest prayer needs:

Working through insurance stuff quickly and smoothly. (Both Medical and House)

Figure out new departure date.

Continued growth with our support account.

Opportunities to continue to share our story.

Click here to support Brett and Bronwyn!

This is the door I was trying to find when I was lost in the house

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