Starting a New Countdown

For the second time this year we are 17 days out from leaving for Africa. When we first started talking about dates for the move I said all along I wanted it to be God’s perfect timing. There is absolutely nothing about March 17th that would have been my timing so I’m excited to see God’s hand in all of this. This morning I am typing at Bronwyn’s parents’ computer in Hernando, MS in front of a huge window overlooking a field with a horse in it. The sun is just starting to make it to where you can see the trees and fence posts but besides that there is only the glow from the computer screen. It’s a beautiful site from a beautiful place. We have enjoyed staying here and spending time with family, we have also done some nights in hotels in Memphis when we had a lot to get done there. No matter the hospitality it’s hard to get settled. However it does remind me that the in the Christian life we shouldn’t get too settled, getting settled leaves to stagnation. I’ve been there, I don’t want that again.

Yesterday I went out to the shed where we are storing some clothes we either weren’t taking to Africa or we were going to take on a subsequent trip and I realized I had a few shirts I hadn’t packed. I was way too excited over a striped button down and a Boba Fett Tshirt but I’m literally wearing one of them now, guess which one. I still have no idea what people must go through when they lose everything, I only lost a lot of things and it’s still this weird feeling that I can’t quite describe. It’s just stupid things but it is a part of my past. But hey, as Rafiki says, “it doesn’t  matter, it’s in the past”. I did replace a ton of clothes Monday. I still don’t know how I feel about all the Columbia shirts I bought. On the one hand they were on the clearance rack and will be extremely practical plus have UV protection the doctors said I have to have because of my burns. On the other hand, I don’t want to look like a Jeff Probst wannabe preppy tourist. I did buy some jeans and graphic T’s too, not all is lost.

Just so you don’t get the wrong idea and think Bronwyn and I are homeless we totally aren’t. We are staying with Bronwy’s parents in our part of their house, we literally have one room to sleep and and entire different room I do quiet times in. State Farm, which has been incredible by the way, also puts us up in hotels whenever we need to get stuff done in Memphis but this isn’t even what I mean. We actually have our own beautiful home, we just haven’t ever seen it and won’t for at least 18 days.

8,307 miles

I’m planning an entire blog post about the house we are going to be living in. Of all the God things that have happened with this story, this is maybe one of the wildest. I’ll go into more details later but rest assured if you ever want to come visit Nairobi and bring your friends and family and also some random strangers we will have room.

Please continue praying for us as we start packing again and replacing lost items. Seventeen days will go by fast, I hope, and we can’t wait to be in Nairobi serving with BlueSky.

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One thought on “Starting a New Countdown

  1. Brett & Bronwyn~ please text me your address so I can send you a book I Bought especially for the two of you. Hopefully you can get it in time to read it before you leave And won’t have to pack it, but I believe it will be an incredible blessing to you. ~gail. (901)428-5511


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