To Do, Doing, Done

As much as we have been able to we hit the ground running in Kenya. We spent all day Tuesday with the camp staff time doing camp planning. I think there was a little apprehension because people worry that the new Camp Director is going to come in a kick the doors in and want everything changed. That isn’t really my style, what I’ve always tried to do is constantly evaluate and focus on a few things that need work. For example I spent an entire summer once working on our camps communication with parents, a few summers ago Bronwyn along with the rest of our team introduced camper choice electives with tremendous success. Coming in and changing everything is often counter productive, in five years who knows everything might change but only incrementally and only because we saw value in changing it. It’s never change for change sake I’m striving for only constant improvement.

To Do

I love having “To Do, Doing, Done” boards, and I used that to run our meeting. If it’s any indication of how amazing this team is we managed to move everything to the doing board and even moved a few things to done. Not bad for our first face to face meeting. I had been praying almost everyday for unity with the staff and I have rarely if ever had a meeting where a bunch of leaders sat around the table and agreed whole heartily on almost everything. I was so excited afterwords for camp, not that I wasn’t already, but if I could have orchestrated everything about the meeting it couldn’t have gone better. God only leads in one direction and when there is division it’s on us to ask Him for wisdom and figure out why. Luke quotes Jesus as saying  “Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and a divided household falls”. If anything is worth fighting for it’s unity among believers.

We have another busy day today, going out to one of the schools we will be working with and meeting the administration. Then we are going shopping, we need some things that we couldn’t bring. Tonight we are having dinner with a couple who works part time with BlueSky and part time with another ministry. We actually stayed at their house when we were here in July. They are amazing people who just had a baby but continue to serve the Lord here in Kenya. I’m really looking forward to spending more time with them.

4 Camp
Nick, Karlie, Bronwyn and I celebrating a job well done with some ice-cream. 

Pray for Bronwyn and I, we are doing great. We promise to start taking more pictures.

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