Campaign for Two Years

Bronwyn and I have completed our first season of camp and are starting to get settled into Kenya. We love everything about it and plan to be there for as long as God keeps us there. For us that means a lot of trust, a lot of prayer, and a lot of telling our story. We love telling our story, I think I told it six times today to nine different people and will be sharing in again more tomorrow. What I love best about our story is how clearly, we are not the stars of the story, it has been all God all the way. From our call to Kenya to our being sustained while we were there, it’s been all about Him and that’s exactly how we want it.

Before we left for Nairobi back in March we had 100% of our support for 2018 and what’s incredible is that we weren’t 110% supported or 98% supported but we were pretty much right on 100%. Honestly, I don’t expect anything else. He will provide all of our needs but still remind us that we need to rely on Him for all of our needs. It’s been such a blessing for us to learn to trust fully in God. We know that even now God is working on the hearts of people to partner with us and provide. Honestly, there is a part of it that is humbling, but again that is exactly what we are called to. If it was easy it might be too easy to forget that we need Him, it wouldn’t have the same impact and we wouldn’t have the same testimony.

I talked to a great Christian man today and I told him flat out that we needed him on our team, we needed him as a partner. I know he believes in us and I believe whole hearted in what we are doing. I may have even taken him a bit by surprise, but I honestly felt that he needed to see my passion for our call.  And that is truly what I have, passion for our call. A pastor friend of mine who I was a camp counselor with in the 90’s told me on the phone Sunday that he felt like Bronwyn and I were always all in on things, and it’s totally true. In this case we are all in on our work in Kenya and mostly because we can be so sure of our call.

So we believe:

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

We also know that God may very well be calling you to be a partner with us. All I ask anyone is to pray about it. If you have questions, ask and listen to God’s answer. Thanks for following our story.

Our niece and nephew helped us make some support signs

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