Camper Impact Stories 1

Posted by Bronwyn:

Over the course of a few blog posts, I will be sharing camper impact stories from counselors who served with us this past summer. These first two stories come from Emma.  Emma is from North Carolina and had never even been on a plane before God called her to serve as a camp counselor in Kenya!  Completely out of her comfort zone, she opened herself up to being used by God and it was truly amazing not only to watch her love on her campers as she shared Christ with them but also to watch her personally grow in Christ. Emma was one of our rock star Suswa counselors with our youngest girls ages 7-10, and you can imagine what living in a cabin with 6-10 of this age camper is like. She had such a heart for her campers to come to know Christ and often asked us to pray for specific campers by name.

Suswa Camper — “Even though she was bashing every single thing that she was being taught, I was still able to talk to her on Cross Talk night. I came to know that she was afraid of disappointing her parents and that’s why she told me she can’t believe in Jesus. The more I talked to her though, I realized that there is a piece of her that believes, but she was bashing because she doesn’t want to believe since it will upset her parents. God was planting that seed and allowed her to be open to answers when she had questions.”

Suswa Camper — “She came into camp having questions, but as the week went on she got sick and would sit out for everything. At summit fire when the campers were given one more opportunity  pray with their counselors, she came to me and accepted Christ into her life. She said that while she was sitting out and was by herself she felt God calling her into a first time relationship.”

“I’ve learned that not everyone will encourage you or support you, but instead of clinging onto the lies that other people are speaking over you, we should cling to the truth that God is whispering over us. I have become more confident this summer, but not through myself. I’ve become more confident in who God is and because of that I am able to be confident in myself too.”—Emma

Emma feels God is calling her back to serve again with us next summer.  Please keep her in your prayers as she begins to raise financial support to cover her travel and stay expenses for summer 2019!!!

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