Camper Impact Stories 2

Posted by Bronwyn:


These next two camper stories are from Amy.  Amy is from Alabama and she served most of this past summer with us as the Satima counselor.  This group is ages 10-12 and I’m pretty sure God created her not only specifically for this age group but to also be a camp counselor.  The joy she had every day (which is tough because camp is exhausting) working and playing with her campers was not only evident to us but you could tell her girls adored her!

   Satima Camper– “The very first night I sat beside this camper’s bed, I asked her what she learned that day. She told me that she learned that Jesus is real and that He loves her. She then proceeded, “I don’t want to be like my parents.” She went on to tell me that her parents are atheist. As the week went on, she continued to ask great questions and was always interested in what we were learning. On Wednesday night after cross talk, I sat with her under the stars and asked her what she was thinking. She told me, “I am very confused.” I asked what she was confused about and she said, “Not Jesus, I know He is real.” That night, she asked Jesus into her heart. I was able to give her her very first Bible, and the rest of the week every time we had free time, she was reading it. She even told the story of Adam and Eve to our cabin.”

   Satima Camper–” Within the first few minutes that this camper entered my cabin, she informed me, “I am not religious.” That night, when I sat the girls down to do a devotion she repeated, “I am not religious.” However, after devotion when I asked her what she learned, she told me, “Next year, I am coming back and I am bringing a Bible because tonight I realized how important it is.” The next morning, I gave her a Bible and she continued asking great questions. Friday morning during our morning worship, I had the opportunity to speak about Simon Peter and how after he denied Jesus 3 times, Jesus reinstated him by asking 3 times, “Simon Peter, do you love me?” Friday night, she came up to me and said, “Amy, tonight I heard a voice in my head that said,  ‘do you love me?’ and I told the voice yes.” I told her that the voice was Jesus and He was calling her by name. That night, she accepted Jesus as her Savior.”
   “My favorite thing about being a camp counselor is that the ministry never ends. I have a huge passion for children’s ministry, so living with the kids you are sharing Jesus with is so special. There were times I was up at 3 am praying with kids when they were feeling homesick, or sitting by their beds at 1 am when they weren’t feeling well. It was the little moments that I was able to be present with them and point them to Jesus that meant the most.”   –Amy

Amy also feels called back to Kenya to serve again and we couldn’t be more excited to have her back 2019!!!  Please keep her in your prayers as she begins to raise her financial support to once again spend her summer sharing the love of Christ with her campers.


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