Camper Impact Stories 3

Posted by Bronwyn:


This camper story is from Hannah S (we had 4 Hannah counselors this past summer). Hannah has an amazing testimony of how God called her into a relationship with Him and then to Kenya to be serve as a camp counselor.  I found out Hannah was an art major so I quickly handed her 3 tubs of random arts and crafts supplies and said “do whatever you can with this”.  Fortunately for us, she took it and ran with it!  Hannah worked with several different age groups but this particular story is from her week as a Meru counselor which is ages 12-14.

“I was blessed to be in a cabin of Meru girls, which are a really interesting age because this when I feel like some really trying situations can arise with kids. They are facing the beginnings of peer pressure are trying to please their peers. I got especially close with my cabin, and got to share my struggles that I faced, and still face today. One of my campers confided into me and shared about how she never felt good enough, and how she was trying to do good work to be able to know Jesus and that she always fell short. I also learned that she comes from an atheist family. It was that week that I got to share with her that we as humans can never do enough good to earn a relationship with Jesus. That we all have fallen short and continue to fall short of the glory of God. That salvation can never be earned and the Lord loved her so much that he took all of her sins and short comings to the cross. This camper gave her life to the Lord that week, and told me and all of her cabin that she had received the greatest gift of her life…Jesus.”

“When I left Camp BlueSky, I was not the same person as when I arrived.  Camp pushed me out of my comfort zone and to unashamedly live out my faith to my campers and fellow staff.  Getting to spend week after week with the lost and encourage those who had a relationship with the Lord to go even deeper was one of the best experiences of my life.  Even though I was sent to be a blessing to the campers and staff at Camp BlueSky, they were a bigger blessing to me.”–Hannah

I am pretty sure Hannah knew she would be returning to Kenya before she even left and we are super excited that God is calling her to do so! Observing her fervently praying for her campers was amazing but she was also willing to dress up and play some ridiculous character for a game or use her sweet voice to help lead worship. I have already told her that arts and crafts was her to plan and lead!  Please keep Hannah in your prayers as she begins to raise her financial support to spend summer 2019 with us in Kenya again.


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