When God Moves

So, it’s true that I’m not a big crier. It’s not that I’m not emotional because I totally am, I just don’t have tears very often. However, in the last day and a half I have almost cried no less than six times. Now I want to make it clear that so far, I haven’t actually cried but I think it’s coming. The thing is I know exactly why. It’s this absolutely amazing staff team coupled with the powerful moving of The Holy Spirit.

We are in the middle of staff training and I have been so touched by the outpouring of love from this team that it keeps bringing me to ALMOST tears. The first time happened when I walked out of the office and saw that Victor and Nadia were sitting together on a swing. Victor, who has been staying with us and has become family and Nadia, who has been like a daughter to us were just sitting and having a normal conversation. I just looked at them and the worlds that God had brought together and just turned around and went back in the office so I wouldn’t break down right there. I thought it was just a quick onetime thing but what came later was so moving I nearly completely lost it.

I had asked several of our staff to prepare 2 Minute Testimonies, just a quick telling of how God was moving in their life and what God was showing them. All the camp team sat around in a circle and I asked if anyone wanted to share their testimonies more or less expecting that the ones has asked would be the ones to share. What happened next isn’t something you can ever plan or put on a schedule. God just filled the room with his presence and one after another the staff shared powerful stories of how God had transformed their lives or was in the process of transforming their lives. It was so overwhelming and powerful that now two days later as I type this, I’m still incredible moved by it. The next morning it was all anyone could talk about. I think people were incredible touched by everyone’s openness to share their brokenness. It was a powerful reminder that God uses broken people to help broken people and through the power of His love we can all be healed.

After several morning conversations I thought I was finally over my ALMOST being brought to tears. But then at lunch I received a note from one of my fellow staff team members and again I almost cried right into my Cream of Zucchini soup. God is moving in a powerful way here at camp and we don’t even have campers yet! I know that everyone here can feel how powerful this camp season will be. Please be praying for me and Bronwyn as well as our entire camp team.

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2019 Staff Team
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