Connections that Last a Lifetime

People come into and out of our lives all the time, that’s a perfectly normal thing. But as you examine your life are you making it easy for people to come in and difficult for them to fall out? The metaphor I am about to use isn’t pretty, but I bet you remember it. Your life should be like a roach motel, you are open and inviting for people to want to come in and once they are there they are there forever. It’s so easy to let people fall in and out your life but I honestly think we need to work on making sure we keep people around for the long haul. I think a lot of people live their lives in tiny little communities that are made up mostly of their immediate family and never do life with anyone outside of that. In other words, they are only doing life with people they have to. Living that way is both boring and unbiblical. We are called to share our lives. Christians seem to love saying they are “sharing their Faith” and that’s great, but what else are you sharing? Are you sharing your table, your Saturdays, your prayer time or even your paycheck?

I’m not going to write this and say I have it all figured out because of course I don’t. I will say that Bronwyn and I have been working hard on sharing more of ourselves and because of that we have found and built and rich beautiful and diverse family here in Kenya. When we left Memphis, the hardest thing wasn’t leaving possessions. Most of what we had we sold, gave away or it burned up, what was hard was leaving people. Now that the time is coming when we will be leaving Kenya, it’s going to be the same thing all over again. A couple of people have said they don’t even want to talk about it until they must. However, I know two things! One, Bronwyn and I don’t let people fall out of our lives very easily and two I truly believe all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ will spend eternity together in perfect relationships with God and each other. So yes, temporarily it may be hard when we create these deep bonds and are then separated but that shouldn’t discourage us from doing it.

Be deliberate about building communities and let God bring people into your life. Don’t miss out on people. Examine your life and your community and make sure it’s full of people who love you and that you love.

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