Playing with a Tire

img_3961We are back in full force camp mode but just before camp started back we had a few weeks of travel. During that time we essentially did two things, we took camp on the road to lots of places in Nairobi and out for students who might never have been able to experience camp otherwise. And we took our staff who are mostly from the US to see some of the amazing and beautiful sites in Kenya I’m going to write a few blog post about those experiences.

Our first adventure of “Camp BlueSky on the Road” was Starkids School and Rescue Center. This is a school Bronwyn and I have been building a relationship with for some time. We took the entire team to host a day of fun and games with the students there and in the process wanted to build relationships that could lead to opportunities to share Christ.

As I walked around watching our team doing amazing things a small boy approached me with a tire. He never said a word he just rolled his warped tire at me. I rolled it back to him and the game began. I don’t know what it was but for some reason I just felt at peace rolling this tire back and forth. I decided in my mind that I would continue to roll it as long as he wanted to. He was a little guy and I assumed he would get tired or board pretty quickly. That was definitely not the case, an hour later we were still rolling and he had still never said a word. Occasionally he would run over to a few rocks next to him and move them around as if he was keeping some kind of score but then he would be right back to rolling the tire. We rolled that tire until it was time to go. I felt blessed to do it.

Honestly, I feel like it’s probably like that with God. He is so big and powerful but also enjoys getting into our simple tasks with us. Enjoying our company and reminding us of how much He loves us.

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