Camp on the Road

We are back in full force camp mode but just before camp started back we had a few weeks of travel. During that time we essentially did two things, we took camp on the road to lots of places in Nairobi and out for students who might never have been able to experience camp otherwise. And we took our staff who are mostly from the US to see some of the amazing and beautiful sites in Kenya I’m going to write a few blog post about those experiences.

Because of the way the school systems fall in Kenya we have a gap between the first few weeks of camp and the last five sessions. During that time we want to give our staff an opportunity to relax, find time to grow in the their Faith, experience Kenya and give back to some of the communities we serve. Since we know camp and know how impactful it can be we decided this year to take that knowledge on the road and take Camp BlueSky to places and students who otherwise may never be able to be a part.

We chose four locations, one near Mathare a large slum in Nairobi. Two at schools we or some of our team have relationships with and one at a very remote village. Of all the amazing things we have done in Kenya these day camps may have been my favorite. The days weren’t complicated, we set up three or four stations with games and then divided the groups up by age and let them rotate through each station. Some of the students were much more standoffish at first but in the end most joined in. It was such a joy to see our team connect with these kids in such powerful ways. One of our girls sat and talked to a group of older girls all afternoon, they never did much but talk and it was perfect. Another of our guys is really good with a yo-yo and had a group of boys mesmerized with his tricks. When we left a bunch of the boys had tied string to rocks to emulate his tricks. In the end, all of our team connected with the students and were probably much more deeply impacted than even the kids were.

After the games we sat in groups and shared bible stories and worship songs, we prayed and talked about anything else that came up. It was truly four amazing days, days I may never forget and days I know we learned more about other cultures, ourselves and the God we serve.

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