When Your God Daughter Gets you a Ring

MeWe are back in full force camp mode but just before camp started back we had a few weeks of travel. During that time we essentially did two things, we took camp on the road to lots of places in Nairobi and out for students who might never have been able to experience camp otherwise. And we took our staff who are mostly from the US to see some of the amazing and beautiful sites in Kenya I’m going to write a few blog posts about those experiences.

As anyone who has followed our story knows we have been privileged enough to have our God Daughter, Nadia, come and serve with us this season of camp. It has been such a joy having her here, she is amazing at camp and personally it’s been a blessing to share these experiences with someone so close to us.

We have let our US staff have a few opportunities to experience a Maasai Market. The Maasai are one of the local tribes people and often near large tourism places they will have markets to sell various crafts, local made jewelry, clothing, or blankets aka shukas. It can be a stressful experience if you aren’t mentally and even physically prepared but it can also be fun if you don’t mind haggling. Nadia was of course pretty good at it and so she bought some items for herself but even more as gifts, I was the lucky recipients of one of those gifts.

I’m not saying I would ever go out and purchase a gold ring for myself and I don’t think anyone on the planet would ever in a million years buy me a gold ring. After all, my wedding band is made of blue rubber, however Nadia thought very differently and decided the thing my finger needed over anything else in the world in a gold ring with a picture on Kenya on it. Here it is in all of it’s glory. The Ring

Now immediately I knew something was wrong  with it and after some inspection and conversation we determined that Kenya was facing the wrong way on the ring. But, misprinted baseball cards are worth more money so maybe it isn’t so bad. The ring also has lots of jagged edges something I discovered every time I did, well anything. It also may have started to turn my finger the slightest shade of green and because it’s “adjustable” it pinches the fire out of my finger about twice a day. Because I’m back at camp and I don’t want to inadvertently cut anyone I am no longer wearing it, but I did proudly display it while we traveled.

Nadia will be the first to say that I am not very sentimental, however I can guarantee  I will keep this ring forever. I don’t love it but I love her and she gave it to me. It will all be special and important to me because she will always be special and important to me.

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