Back at It!

Alright, so we took a long break from updating our blog. In our defense, it’s been a little crazy but the plan is to start updating again and get back into the swing of writing. I know it may not be as exciting as what we were doing in Kenya but come on, I live in Florida now. Have you seen the headlines from Florida? Seriously, go to google and type in the words “Florida Man”, and you your birth date and tell me you don’t get some crazy story that involves alligators or meth. For real, go do it!

See!! Crazy right, clearly God has us right where we are supposed to be. Speaking of being right where we are supposed to be, it has been crazy reassuring that God has us in the center of His perfect will. Everyone knows that saying “God Loves You, and “God Has a Plan for Your Life” is kinda my thing but it would be crazy if I didn’t actually live that out. God has made His perfect track for our life clear and it’s such an amazing thing to be walking in it. Ephesians 2:10 says “ For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” And I know that we are walking in His perfect plan for us. I realize some of you may not even know exactly what we are doing!

It’s a long crazy story that kinda started over a year ago, but in other ways started all the way back to when my sister and I were little. See Ashley was a singer, as long as I can remember she was always the one who sang the solos in school or at Christmas pageants or other places they let little kids sing. It was only natural that she would join the choir at our High School and seeing at how she was two years older than me and I wanted to be like her, it made sense that I would join the choir too. I auditioned to join our High School choir before my Freshman year and after a lot of coaching and a whole lot of grace I got in. And that’s when I met Steve May, someone who is bound to come up a lot over the next few years. He became my choir director but only for that one year before God called him to serve at church.

Steve May
Steve and Linda May 


Fast Forward six years when God grabbed a hold of me and pulled me out of sin and darkness and I literally didn’t know where to turn. Steve did what I know all Christians are called to do, he discipled me. He lived out the Great Commission in my life. Now fast forward to last year when Bronwyn and I knew God was calling us to leave Kenya but didn’t know yet where He was calling us to. I reached out to a few men, Steve of course being one, asking them to pray and God did what God does. See, Steve was working at the church I am now serving at as the Minister to Music and they were without a Student Pastor. Fortunately they were not ready yet because we were still in Kenya but when God’s perfect timing came about they saw fit to call Bronwyn and I to come serve here. Now we are serving side by side. God is good very good and over a lifetime we should all see how God is moving, even in seemingly small ways, to do wondrous and miraculous things in our life!


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