God Loves You

There is something I say very often, in fact I say it so often there might already be a blog post about it. If you ask any student that has ever heard me speak what’s the most important thing Brett will ever tell you. I would hope they would all say, “God Loves Me”. I won’t ever tell another human being anything more important than that. More important than the truth that the Creator of the universe, the Overseer of all that is or was or ever will be, that He loves them. In fact I would be willing to guess I’m either saying it in these pics or I’m about to say it.

I say it so often that when people do impressions of me, they say it, I say it so often it’s sometimes the only thing people know about me. Oh, he’s the guy that’s always telling people that God loves them. And honestly, I couldn’t ask to be known for anything greater. The gospel is challenging to comprehend but easy to understand in its simplest terms. We are sinners and that sin separates us from God because He is Holy. But because God loves us, he provided a way through His son Jesus and His death on the cross that we might be saved. Why would the creator of the universe do this? Simply because He loves us. So, I say it all the time, I don’t deserve God’s love and never will and yet He freely gave it to me. Because of that I share that good news with everyone I can.

I also like to encourage people to remind themselves that God loves them, to write it on their mirror or put it on a toothbrush. I also encourage them to write it on their shoes so every time they tie their shoes they see the reminder. This is two of our BlueSky counselors who did just that after summer was over.

If you have a minute with someone and you can only share one thing, I can’t think of a better word than God loves you. Now if you have two minutes you can add what I consider to be the second most important thing I’ll ever tell someone. And that is that God has a plan for their life. I work with a lot of young people; I have worked with youth and teens who were very well off and seemed to have everything they would ever need. I have also worked with very poor youth and teens, so poor it might even be difficult to explain. But they all have a common thread that runs through them. They want to know that there is someone or something that is guiding them, that is guiding their life. The answer is yes there is, and the same God who loves you so much also has a plan for your life.

I’ve said it so many times I’m not sure if there is any phrase I’ve ever said more, it’s the most important and profound thing I will ever say. “God Loves You” & “God has a plan for your life”. You aren’t just meaningless goo that popped into being, you matter to God. You matter to The God of all that is, and was, and is to come. Never forget, God Loves You.

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